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Chemical kinetics course

This course follows a definitely modern approach to chemical kinetics. Chemical reactions are usually composed of various elementary reactions. Such essentially multivariable systems are represented by sets of differential equations that can be solved by the use of appropriate numerical integration software.

This site is written in French language; nevertheless some parts could be of interest to non-francophonic readers, students, teachers or scientists. For those we give here this brief overview. Table of contents:

I. Introduction
II. Elementary reactions
   III. Kinetics of elementary reactions
   IV. Composite reactions: structure of the kinetic equations
   V. Kinetics of typical composite reactions
   VI. Worked-out examples of modeling and data fitting
   VII. Measuring techniques

You will also find exercises of modeling and data fitting by using the Sa software that can be downloaded for free.

The Sa software can be compiled with an interface and a help section in French or English language. Also the user guide and the commented examples are available in both languages.

If you like this site and would like to help us in translating even only a small part of it,
please don’t hesitate to contact us right now!

update : 29-01-2012