(release : 31-03-2010)


English  Installation of Sa3.3

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Installation of Sa3.3 and Nestor B

If you have not already do it, download the Sa3_0408.zip file (6714 Ko).

All the program files of the Sa3.3 software, the users Manual and the Commented examples are included in this file, in the compressed form. As indicated below, the installation is a simple copy of files, without any writing in your system registers.

Minimum required:

Any Windows version from Windows 95 (95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista)

RAM: 16 Mo min

Recommended screen resolution: 1024x768

Approximately 25 Mo of the hard disk will be used

Preliminary :

If it is not already done, install a program able to read and decompress .zip files, for instance Winzip32.

1. Decompress (extract) the file Sa3_0408.zip

Choose or create a directory named for example Sa3 (assumed on the following), in any partition: C, D, E, etc. as near as possible of the root (C:\Sa3 is better than C:\dir1\dir2\dir3\…\Sa3)

Important notes:

1) The full pathway of the installation directory must be composed with names without any white spaces. The compiling will not work if you install, for example, in the "Documents and Settings" directory.

2) If you want to use the executable files created with the full installation on another PC (without the full installation), choose imperatively the C hard disk partition, as only C can be found on every PC (see the Users Manual)

After the extraction, the following arborescence will be created:

All these directories must hold some files. Carefully observe what your extraction program has done.

Depending of the configuration of the extracting program, it is possible that empty sub-directories (Examples and Exemples) be created in the main directory. Suppress them. The good Examples sub-directory, with example files in it, are really in Sa302_Eng (Sa302_Fr for  exemples in French).

You will found the users Manual and Commented examples in the Manuels directory.

2. Copy (or move) two files …

Copy (or move) the two files borlndmm.dll and cp3245mt.dll from Sa3\Comp\system\ to one of the following directories:

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM for Windows 95, 98, Me, XP or Vista

C:\WINNT40\SYSTEM32 for Windows NT4

C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 for Windows 2000.

The installation is now finished.

You can put a short cut of Sa3Nestor.exe, placed in the main directory Sa3, on the desk board. Then, the assistant Nestor will be ready to help you to do everything with Sa.

3. Very important notes

- Any version of Windows must be configured with the dot as decimal separator of the numbers (not the coma).

- White spaces are not allowed by Sa in names, particularly in files or directories names, even though Windows allowed them. Replace white spaces by the underline sign "_". It is also a good rule to avoid special characters (unless "_"). Capital letters are interpreted as different than small letters.

- If your operating system is Windows 98 or before (only), use as short as possible file names and full pathnames. If the full pathname is too long, Sa could not be compiled and will display an advertisement. Particularly, the examples cannot be compiled in their original directory. You have to copy them in a directory closer of the root (like C:\ex1) and perhaps to rename them with a shorter name.

- Using Sa, you will work with some type of files. We recommend to use the Windows Files Explorer (do not confuse with Internet Explorer). It allows to navigate in the file system without masking its structure. Put a short cut of the Files Explorer if not already done, and configure it to do not mask the extensions (.xxx) of the file names, that indicates the file type. It is also often useful to know the last modification date of a file and we recommend to display it.

- Although possible, we discourage to simultaneously run several sessions of Sa. This could produce files conflicts. Moreover, it is better to do not run simultaneously another weighty program.

4. Rights and technical aid

Downloading and using Sa are entirely free for education or research. Any commercial using is excluded.

So, no supplementary registering is needed. However, the authors would appreciate to know if you are a user of Sa, and roughly what you do with it. Your internet address will be strictly private and used only to inform you of possible revision.

e-mail : cinet.chim@orange.fr

Moreover, although we cannot give any warranty, we will make all our possible to help you if you have any difficulties or questions.

5. Suppression of Sa

Suppressing Sa of your system is very easy: you have only to suppress the Sa3 directory. This erase any trace of Sa on your PC.